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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Survey Me !!!

1.Can you flirt ?
__yes? :D

2.Have you kissed anybody before?
__yeah !!! Heyy!! CMoN...

3.Is anyone annoying you nowadays?
__am easy annoyed so buzz off!QUICKKKK!b4 i SNAPPPPPPPP!gRrRrrRrRRrRRrR

4.Do u prefer being single/in a relationship?
__ SINGLE...? hahah..

5.Crushing/Like Anyone ?
__NO ONE!!!

6.Do u like seeing yourself NAKED?
__are you kidding me?hahahahhaa NOTTTTTTTTTT!

7.Who do you miss the most now?

8.Who do u think is the hottest among all your boyfriends / girlfriends ?
__hahahaahhaha U hun!!;p hahahahha dont get angry arr ;p u know i love u more than life! :)

9.How do u break up wit your bf/gf?
__there are reasons behind it.i dont do it for the sake of FUN!and yes LET ALONE!

10.What do u hate most about yourself?
__ HMmmmM ..heheh NottYneSS I Guess!hahahhahahhaha -serious-

11.What is the worst death imaginable?
__car accident.

12.Do u play guys / girls?

13.Do u like making out with your bf/gf?
__HELL YEAH BABY YEAHHH *slurppsss*slurpsss* ;p

14.Name one song that best describes one situation u're in.
__ KITARO - MATSURI (Meditation Music) -WORLD!!!-

15.What if a lot of people has a crush on him / her ?
__WHO!!! HIM !!! HAHAHA .. u can take.. its my pleasure... haha

16.What's the sweetest thing he/she have done to u?
__msg that i received for today was this " I LOVE U BABY.... Blah Blah i hv to type all in here?? hahah

17.Describe him in 4 Words .
+ LIER !! LIER !! LIER!! LIER!!haha..nuff said-

18.Have u ever been kissed by ur bf/X-bf ?
+ Yeah ..for sure!

19.Do u Love being Hated ?
+ hahahaha hate/hated me all u want i DONT GIVE A DAMN! my life doesnt include U!hahahaha so FUCK OFF!-