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Sunday, May 3, 2009

I guess it is a good thing when suddenly .. one starts getting " haters ".I hv never tolerated or provoked[ in any way that i know of ] Anti-Angel.. lol .. And usually.. i get pretty personal with skool frens who email me.. and eventually.. they become more frens and family.But anyway .. i m straying..My point is .. if u dont like me..i am not going to go out of my way to make U like me. i am a pretty easy going person.

I came here to express MYSELF and i think i should be given the right to write about watever i want.If it consist of stupid childish things like .. oohh.. my mom bought corn dogs for me!!!!... i mean .. it takes a lot for some people to get happy.I do hv my moments when i am down. [ And for good reasons ]But most of the time..I am very perky and crazy.I find happiness in the little things.When my mom opens my door late at night just to say goodnight and close the door with angry face when im still online chatting and she walk away even before I get to answer her, hehehehe ..*grin*
I am happy.When my mom makes corny jokes in the car or "kentot" all over the place...
I am happy .. well .. maybe not the second .. When i go to the store and i see the latest edition or get a cup of starbucks Iced Caramel Macchiato,I AM HAPPY.So guess what..If it makes me happy..I'll write about it.

Different people hv different things in their lives that make them happy.Me..I happen to enjoy the little things.You are suppose to be responsible for your own
happiness.If you are upset about something that happened within your life..things that happened to you, that is of course fine... people are entitled to be unhappy..unsatisfied with things that are going on in their is their prerogative.But for them to cross the lines and stress about other peoples' business.. not having concern with them in any particular way...something is wrong..but you got time to be dissin me .Hey!!.. Its your life.Do whatchu gotto do.

As you can tell.. lolo I got a bit passionate about things sometimes.So dont mind me just jabbering away about a random person.*goofy grin*.

Tomorrow's topic:"Is it alright to be two-faced? Be all nicey up to the person's face [well.. email in this case] and then diss them on your personal blog?." heheheheheheh..*slap own knee and chuckles* .. lolo .. jk catch ya'll tomorrow. lololo.. Photobucket




  1. hye baby..its common to us as human being, we cannt avoid all da problems but da things is, we must face it with 100% confident n try to solve it in better way....happy n saddness, dat da way of life..n zul here will try everything i could do to make baby smile n happy..=)..hehe

  2. hey!!! Zul!!!! thx.. thank u so much.. u alwayz be there when baby need u.. Its all sucks right Zul... but watever happen i still hv to face it in pain...hahaha.. thats life !!